Patrick Hero - Broken Dreams



For his debut on Deep Therapy, DJ/Producer Patrick Hero drops the 'Broken Dreams EP'. Deep Therapy is a dwelling to all things techno, and here Hero unleashes three ferocious tracks. Exhibiting a keen ear for sound design and a great sense of tension, 'Broken Dreams' is minimalistic banger with plenty of subtle edges, mixed with a rolling bass-line and crisp hats. 'Octopus' takes no prisoners, with a thick, propulsive kick and a brutal bass-line to start things off, only to surprise you with a mesmerizing arpeggiated synth, to break the ferocity of the edgy surrounding, and take you to the next level; a true piece of art. 'Never Say Never' is techno stripped down to its core, unleashing its primal instinct; great sound design, and entrancing sounds! Describing it won't do it any justice, a true masterpiece, this track will throw you into the rabbit hole and leave you hanging by a string.