Mikronaut is the alias of Connor Skidmore, a St. Paul based DJ and producer. He began producing many genres of music at a very young age, including house, techno, and psychedelic. Years later, in 2013, he released the first tracks under his current moniker. In early 2014, he launched iq140 Records with the intention of creating a platform to support new and established artists, and the label has been supported by UMEK, The YellowHeads, Barbuto, Diction, and more. In 2016, Connor founded a new label, SoulStorm Recordings, with which he intends to showcase only the highest quality techno music around. Some of Connor s goals are to make techno more popular in the United States, and to continue to improve as a producer and DJ. With releases out on Funk n Deep and Reload Black Label, and lots more in the works, it is clear that the only way from here is up.