With thumping basslines and dreamy synths, Deep Therapy Records is a Canadian based record label that has a simple yet unique concept that has been captivating people's hearts.

Started by a crew of humble characters, the musical experience of the DTR sound is a rare mix of techno and deep house. Our music is highly influenced by the groovy vibes of the past, yet strongly inspired by the hypnotic sounds of the future, while retaining a peculiar design aesthetic that's present throughout the releases.

Originating from modest beginnings, Deep Therapy Records has come a long way since August 2014 and quickly boomed into success. Releases on the label come from talented artists and emerging stars like Medhat & Dekkstrum, Byron Gilliam, and Kynan Cosma; often backed by accomplished remixers like Marck D, Highestpoint and D.R.N.D.Y. Raising the standards with every release, it's no surprise support comes from stellar artists like Luciano, Joseph Capriati, Danny Tenaglia, Marco Carola, Luca Agnelli, and many more.

With a monthly “Therapy Session" podcast featuring guest artists with the grooviest underground sounds; listeners are unequivocally left at the edge of their seats, zestfully captured by the harmonic blend of entertainment and art brought to them month in and month out.